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Syndication Legal Documents

The Best PPM to Manage Your Capital Raise

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SponsorDocs delivers all of the syndication legal documents you need in less than 2 business days for an incredible price of $2,500.

  • Private Placement Memorandum
  • Operating Agreement
  • Subscription Agreement
  • Investor Questionnaire
  • Best Practices Cover Letter
  • Access to Legal Counsel

Why SponsorDocs?

No Complexity

You and your investors are tired of dealing with complicated, bulky, and redundant subscription documents that create confusion and aren’t user-friendly

No More Puzzles

You’re frustrated by slow turnaround time and high legal fees

Grow Faster

You want to move quickly and grow your business faster

Raise Money

You want to raise more money and impress your investors with the most straightforward subscription process available


Take Your Syndications to the Next Level!

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Learn from attorney Mark Roderick about how SponsorDocs works and how it can help you effectively handle the legal documents for your real estate syndication deals.

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About SponsorDocs

SponsorDocs, a product by SyndicationPro, is on a mission to make real estate syndications simpler, faster, and better for its customers. Through a collaboration with a leading securities attorney, we are giving you access to a full set of legal documents ready to be customized for your deal. Why should every sponsor have to prepare different legal documents? We think standardized legal documents are the future, saving sponsors time and money.

Mark Roderick


Mark Roderick leads Lex Nova Law’s Crowdfunding and Fintech practice. He writes a widely-read blog at and is a featured speaker at Crowdfunding and Fintech events across the country, including New York, Texas, Chicago, and Silicon Valley. Mark is one of the most prominent Crowdfunding and Fintech lawyers in the United States. He represents portals, issuers, and others across the country and around the world.

You can hire your own lawyer to form your legal entity, register with the SEC, review and revise our form documents, and handle the other legal tasks involved with syndication. Alternatively, Mr.Roderick offers packages starting at $2,250, depending on the services you want.

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DISCLAIMER: These are form documents. They might not be suitable for your situation. Accordingly, you should not use the documents “out of the box,” but instead should have them reviewed and, if necessary, changed by a lawyer who represents you and knows your situation.


Who can use these documents?

Anyone organizing a syndication in the United States. The form legal documents require the least amount of customization if you use a Delaware entity, are relying on exemption 506(b) or 506(c), and will be acquiring a single real estate project. They can, however, be customized and tailored to fit your precise requirements by you and your attorney.

How does the order process work?

You fill out a form to tell us more about the type of deal you are doing and then SponsorDocs will deliver your syndication legal document package along with our best practices cover letter directly to your inbox within 2 business days. We can also introduce you to our preferred legal partner, Mark Roderick, if you’d like to use his services.

Are the documents SEC approved?

The syndication legal document set was created by an industry-leading securities attorney. You can use your own attorney to review and tailor the documents or be put in touch directly with the attorney who made the documents to streamline the process.

What makes these documents better than others?

SponsorDocs’ syndication legal documents have been created through a collaboration between expert sponsors who specialize in raising capital online and an industry-leading crowdfunding securities attorney with the ultimate goal of making the syndication process easy, straightforward, and simple. The result is that sponsors save a tremendous amount of time and are able to move more quickly while investors are able to subscribe without any barriers or complications.

Can I use the documents for multiple projects?

Yes. Keep in mind, however, that our documents are regularly updated in order to provide additional enhancements and updates to keep up with State and Federal laws. Using the intake form when ordering documents is also an easy way to save time when updating the details from one project to the next.

Do I need to be a SyndicationPro customer to order documents?


Do I have to use a Delaware Entity?

No. Since each state has different laws about LLCs, it's impossible to make the documents one-size-fits-all-states, so the docs are set up for Delaware which is by far, the most popular choice for entities. You can, however, form the entity in any state you wish and simply adjust the documents as required.

If I buy these documents, will I still need a lawyer?

You should have a lawyer review and customize the documents, to make sure they are just right for your situation.

How much does it cost to have Mark Roderick review and customize the documents for me?

Fees typically range from $2,000 to $6,500 but are dependent upon your unique situation and requirements. Services Mark offers include consultation and custom revisions to the syndication legal documents, entity formation, obtaining an EIN, registering in the state where the project is located, registering with the SEC (Form ID), filing Form D, and filing State Blue Sky Notices.